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A master toddler tamer, newborn soother, and mom tribe leader wannabe, I take my job of creating family legacy stories very seriously but while having a lot of fun (especially with my tiny friends).  I love helping busy moms bring the vision of their family legacy to life.


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The Future of Ashley Amber Photo… What to Expect


You may have noticed things got quiet earlier this year.   Frequent followers of our social media already know that Ed and I are expecting our first child, a sweet little daughter due this August.  We are over the moon excited and have tried our best to slow down our busy schedules to really enjoy and experience everything about pregnancy, parenthood and growing our little family.  That worked…. For the most part.  I spent most of the first 3 months not feeling great and then just in time for some crazy travel schedules I started to feel great again.  We had two trips to New York, a trip to Massachusetts and I had a trip to Germany in the mix.  So we’ve been busy in different ways this year and it has been wonderful!


So you may be asking, as many people ask me, what will you do with your photography?  Will you quit your day job and stay home doing photography?  Will you close your business?  Here’s what you can expect.

Ashley Amber Photo will not completely shut its doors.  What you can expect is for us to become something new as our family grows.  We will be a little more personal over on our blog, sharing our life and parenthood; we will spend more time photographing new milestones for families, newborns and seniors; we will shoot only a handful of weddings for the next few years as our weekend time together with our daughter will be so precious.  Both of us will be working our current day jobs and so Ashley Amber Photo will become even more focused on the moments when we are all not at our desks, moments when we are together as families, celebrating new life and new ventures because now more than ever we will see how fast these moments go by.

Before you see this change we will be pausing for maternity leave.  E-mail responses will be slower, our posts of baby girl on instagram will likely skyrocket and we won’t be accepting any photoshoots from July 15 to October 15 except under very special circumstances.  You can expect an e-mail for fall mini sessions and some personal blog posts in the mix but only if this little miss is a good sleeper ;-).  But when we return we plan to continue our trend of giving you the best personal experience that you’ve come to know with Ashley Amber Photo.  So please, reach out, say hi, bookmark our blog and follow our story.

Thank you to all of my clients who have made Ashley Amber Photo something we can’t let go of.  We can’t wait to capture your next moment together.

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