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A master toddler tamer, newborn soother, and mom tribe leader wannabe, I take my job of creating family legacy stories very seriously but while having a lot of fun (especially with my tiny friends).  I love helping busy moms bring the vision of their family legacy to life.


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An Open Letter to My Friends….. Thank You

Good friends don’t have to be told often…. “Thank You”…. but I’m going to say it anyways.

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Thank you.  For what you ask?  For so much you’ve done that you probably didn’t even realize.

Thank you for sticking with me in this crazy season of life.  I know you texted me 27 hours ago and I haven’t written back because, I know, you are the last person who would get mad at me in a long list of other things to do.  

Thank you for understanding that my whole schedule revolves around mid-afternoon nap times and 7pm bedtimes.  

For not taking it personally that I say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’ when making plans.  

Thanks for putting up with me not 100% listening when we are together because I’m keeping an eye on my daughter who will occasionally often try to eat cat food or throw out the TV remote.

Thanks for not reminding me I’ve told this story already.  

Thanks for laughing at my mom brain when I put milk away in the pantry or forget my debit card, again.  

For checking in on me when I’ve gone iPhone silent for days.  

It’s so encouraging to know that even though we may go days, weeks,  months without seeing eachother that there’s no grudge and we’ll pick up right where we left off.  

For those of you who don’t have kids, thanks for not making me feel like a lame mom and loving on my kid so much.

For those of you with kids, your advice may go without feedback sometimes, but I’m listening and using it all the time.

Thanks for understanding that even though our kids seem close in age that even just a few months different makes planning things together hard.

I seriously treasure every single friend through this journey and my absence doesn’t need justification but it means the world to me that you know I’m here whenever you need me.

Some of these days are long, but the years are short.  It will be no time before we are back to wine tours or evening events while our kids are off being too cool for us.  

Until then, thanks for not giving up on me!


  1. Melissa says:

    Absolutely love each and every one of these. So true!

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