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A master toddler tamer, newborn soother, and mom tribe leader wannabe, I take my job of creating family legacy stories very seriously but while having a lot of fun (especially with my tiny friends).  I love helping busy moms bring the vision of their family legacy to life.


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Mom Spotlight: Momboss Shannon

This is a very special spotlight and the launch of a new segment I’m really passionate about over here at Ashley Amber Photo.  

The girl you see here, ok, woman, boss lady, mom, call her what you will… she has been my best friend since we were little girls (seriously, she was my first friend ever when I was 4) and we are still best friends now, 20+ years later and living 12 hours apart.  Shannon has been a mom a little longer than I have but still knows all the right things to say when you’re struggling and fumbling through your first time, it has been amazing having her over the last year. 

A few years after I started my business Shannon and I were both in the middle of planning our own weddings and, while I was the simple, lets just dance kind of bride (my mom is rolling her eyes), Shannon was a DIY queen! In seeing her creativeness as she helped me make menu cards, invites and centerpieces I told her she really needed to channel this creativeness into helping others (like me, the DIY mess) to create their vision.  Within months, she hit the ground running and launched More Than A Moment an etsy store AND custom event stylist services.  Um, proud?  Yes I am! 

Having your best friend be a mompreneur is pretty awesome for those moments where you just don’t see how you’ll get through the next few weeks, or when you are beating yourself up for not doing something or for when you need to be reminded to just be present with your kids. 

So besides being awesome at like a million different things, to put the topper on the cake, Shannon drove all the way down to South Carolina from Connecticut with her two kids on an epic road trip those kiddos will remember forever.  When she arrived, I lined up my girl Cindy McGrath MUA to officially doll her up because, like most of us mom bosses, we don’t often get the chance to get all made up in this crazy 24/7 life.  We drove out to Cedar Falls park and captured some great moments with her and her littles and I’m so glad we got to capture this time for them.  

It also felt so right to use this photoshoot to launch a new project that I’m super passionate about and its focused on all of those CEO Moms out there.  Are you a mom with a small business, side hustle or farmers market gig? A maker, a doer, or professional juggler? We want to hear from you and give you a super high five for all your hard work being a mom and #GSD!  So please run over to this link and sign up to be featured on our blog (every single entry will have a spot and link!), receive a special project promotion and be entered to win a  free in-home lifestyle session!  I’m looking to expand my mom-tribe here in Greenville and find all of you talented ladies out there so send us your info with the button below. 


And lastly, thanks for making it this far in this lengthy and tear jerking (for me) blog post.  These people in the photos below are some of my favorite on the planet so please enjoy! 

You can follow along with Shannon and her amazing work on her instagram or check out her Etsy store with her awesome speciality ribbon backdrops!

Make-up Credit: Cindy McGrath Make-Up

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