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A master toddler tamer, newborn soother, and mom tribe leader wannabe, I take my job of creating family legacy stories very seriously but while having a lot of fun (especially with my tiny friends).  I love helping busy moms bring the vision of their family legacy to life.


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Why: “The Gliss Nest?” A new blog on parenthood, family and real life


A family blog. A parenthood blog. A motherhood blog, but why?

I had the idea while I was on maternity leave, which is now 14 months behind me (things take a little longer to get done when you have a baby, sorry).  I was journaling as much as I possibly could about my new role as “mom” and trying to capture every moment, sleeping trick, baby gadget, first moments and sometimes even sadness.  I couldn’t figure out who exactly I was writing to and decided it was mostly to myself, to remind myself of these things that seem like they may last forever only to realize it is all temporary.  

But then the idea struck that I could capture this as a ‘public diary’ (as my husband put it) and have a blog of the timeline of our new lives as parents.  Not so much that we have ‘written the book’ on how to parent correctly, but more to capture the things we did, right or wrong, good or bad, for us, all in one spot, and maybe for a few women googling “does the Merlin magic sleep suit really work?” at 4am.  (If that is you, welcome)


A quick intro if you don’t know us:

I’m Ashley and see above my handsome hubby Eddie and our little nugget Avery who was just an itty bitty 3 month old in this photo and is now 1 !  We are both engineers and work at Michelin, Eddie is a super talented test driver and I’m in technical sales.  We have been doing professional photography since 2012 and we LOVE to travel.  

Our first year as parents has taught us a lot about gratitude, love and family but it’s also shown us stress, chaos and hard times.  With two stubborn, driven and busy parents, Avery has quite the life, going on over 20 flights before turning 1 and visiting 5 states!  

Some categories you can look forward to will include: 

  • Products We Loved (Avery Approved)
  • Products We Could Skip
  • Parenting Lessons Learned (Seeking Advice :-P)
  • Home & Life Hacks
  • Our Family Trips & Adventures
  • Photography Tips
  • Members of our Mama Tribe (who deserve some time to shine!)
  • Productivity & Business Tips
  • (Occasional Shout Outs to My Mom)

Thanks to  Pixel Me This  for documenting Avery's first year!

Thanks to Pixel Me This for documenting Avery’s first year!

We can’t wait to share more about our family, other families, tricks, hacks and straight up fail moments.  If this all sounds good to you go ahead and subscribe to our (pretty-infrequent and random) newsletter to stay in the loop: 

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