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A master toddler tamer, newborn soother, and mom tribe leader wannabe, I take my job of creating family legacy stories very seriously but while having a lot of fun (especially with my tiny friends).  I love helping busy moms bring the vision of their family legacy to life.


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Happy Birthday Eddie!

Photo credit:  Kelsey Joy Photography 2019

Dearest Husband, Friend & Daddy,

It’s been 5 years since I dedicated a blog post to you for your birthday! I couldn’t help but smile reading through that last post about how we had a “crazy year” that year. I think we can safely say that the last years of your 20s and the first year in your 30s have been a wild ride!

I know you tease me that I “forced you to grow up too fast” but let’s be honest, you are the mature one of the family. We are so grateful for you and all you do for us on a daily basis.


Just to list our the things you may think we don’t see, appreciate or thank you enough for:

  • The bath time giver

  • the trash taker outer

  • the opener of bottles and jars

  • the pumpkin guts scooper

  • the swimmer in the cold pools

  • the middle seat on the airplanes

  • the supporter of the craziest dreams and ideas

  • the family first every weekend

  • the best way to eat an elephant reminder

  • the supporter of all the crazy parenting book ideas

  • the singer of twinkle twinkle little star

  • the perfect ponytails

  • the girly girl dad

  • the omg the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow we have to clean

  • the warmer of my coffee

  • the late night wake ups

  • the diaper changer

  • the soup and grilled cheese rainy days

  • the chocolate chip pancake weekends

  • the buyer of pumpkin spice creamer in bulk on sale

  • the grocery shopper

  • the best friend

  • the bed jumper

  • the boo boo kisser

  • the Datsun teacher

  • the most brag-able dad job

  • the co-pickiest c0-house shopper

  • the best travel companion

Lifestyle Family Session

Since we were a tad busy welcoming a new baby just a week before your 30th birthday, let this be my fully present self vowing to make your 30s just as memorable. We may have been to 20 states, 6 countries, lived in 2 houses, countless apartments, had 10+ cars and two beautiful babies, but I still think the next decade can beat it 😉

 Travel to Sydney Australia and New Zealand #glisstravels

Thank you for who you are, to me and to our family, we love you and wish you the happiest birthday!

LOVE, Smash, Avery & Norah

  1. ShaNayNay says:

    Cue the tears!! Beautifully written. Happy belated Birthday Eddie!

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